~My Bettas~

Turquoise BF STM

Green STF

Turquoise Rosetail STM

Turquoise STF exhibiting masking

Opaque STM with hints of pink

Opaque STF

Extended Red partial BF STM

Extended red STF

Red Marble STM

Red Marble STF

Red (Orange?) BF STM

Steel Blue STM (he's working on growing his fins back!)

Turquoise/White BF STM

Royal Blue DTM

Royal Blue STM

Royal Blue STF

Melano Black STM

Royal Blue/Black Marble STF

Green/Yellow "Pharaoh" STM

Turquoise STM with Copper mask

Green STF

Steel Blue STF

Royal Blue Halfmoon vf STM

Lavender BF STM

Copper Red STM

Cambodian Crowntail STF

Turquoise Crowntail STF

Turquoise Crowntail STF

Royal Blue Crowntail STF


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